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Josecuervo is a senior officer in the crew Scruff's Raiders and a member of the flag Lost in Translation. He sails the Sage Ocean.



Josecuervo started out in the navy and worked his way up the ranks to commander before starting his pirate career. Then as any other pirate, he went to pillaging and plundering away on Sage with many crews before making his own crew. He was the captain of Reign In Blood and made the flag Show No Mercy.

There was a falling out of sorts and Josecuervo quit the crew, which later disbanded. Disgusted he became a hermit and found himself playing poker for a living in the shady backrooms at the inn. After a few months he joined a crew and after not liking the way it was run by the captain, he left and started another crew in Dead Man's Hand. Then after talking with Captain Scruff he decided to join Scruff's Raiders as a senior officer. He still continues his illustrious poker career to this day.