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Jegregious is the captain of the crew The Egregious' and a prince of the flag Gracroi's Legions. He sails the Midnight Ocean.


Jegregious started Puzzle Pirates on January 1st, 2006. He began in the crew Ninjas in the Night where Lucen and Kalaena were in charge along with Syrnade. The crew fell dormant and merged into Pirates Internationale. Jegregious and Syrnade went separate ways at this point. Jegregious joined The Wailing Bannshee's shortly after the merge, where Bannshee and her other loyal senior officers helped him to become a better pirate.

In the summer of '06, Jegregious and helped with The Pack's blockade on Turtle Island, against Dies Irae. Dies Irae won the blockade in 4 rounds, and decimated both flags' fleets.

Some time after the blockade on Turtle, Jegregious's friend Syrnade displayed an interest in joining The Wailing Bannshee's. Jegregious, being a senior officer at this point, gladly obliged. The two sailed with the Bannshee's until November 20th, '06, when they left to form The Egregious'. This crew quickly gained status, and, due to Syrnade's hard work and effort, joined the flag Gracroi's Legions three days later. Syrnade and Jegregious hope to make Gracroi's Legions a more powerful flag, and find it an island to call home.

Jegregious currently lives in a Townhouse on Papaya Island, where he enjoys rumbling into the wee hours of the morning.

Accomplishments and Awards

  • Captain of the crew The Egregious'
  • Has the Ultimate Rumbler trophy
  • Has the Incredible Sailor, Navigator, and Carpenter trophies

Stalls Owned or Managed

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