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Diamondrose is an independent pirate on the Hunter Ocean.

She first joined the crew - War Heroes - where she worked her way up to the rank of fleet officer. When her hearty Ceary founded her own crew, Diamondrose quickly joined as a senior officer.

She works hard in her crew and enjoys Sea Monster Hunts and chatting with Ceary. She has helped Ceary in so many ways. She helped Ceary get her first townhouse, create a crew party, and get a portrait for the crew Random Sunshine. Ceary appreciates all of Diamondrose's hard work and is always thanking her for helping. They are good friends and they work together for the flag, the crew, and each other.

Diamondrose helps Ceary with the crew when she is gone, she is Co-captain. She takes care of keeping order and making sure people do not fight while Ceary is gone. She got a manor in Sayer's Rock with the help of her friends including Ceary. Everyone gave an equal share and helped contribute to purchasing it.

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