Howto: Find an answer to a question

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There are many ways to find an answer to questions on gameplay, content, and other parts of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. Here are a few sources of information, both in the game and in other game resources.

First steps

Don't panic! Puzzle Pirates is home to many players that have likely faced the same challenges you have, and as a result of this, many resources have be tailored to fit the wide-ranging needs of a pirate. While experimentation is encouraged, there are many ways to find an answer to a question.

Finding an answer to your question

New players are greeted by a tutorial, led by Bumblebeard, and guided through a series of navy missions and basic first steps in Ypp. It is highly suggested to follow the tutorials offered, as they teach skills that you will use for the duration of your piratical life!

Starting in Puzzle Pirates may seem daunting, but fear not! There are many options available to solve problems.

Sources of help in the game

  • Bumblebeard is the NPC pirate that leads new players through a series of new player tutorials and navy missions. He is also featured on the puzzle tab of the noticeboard, suggesting goals to accomplish in every puzzle!
  • Navy Missions are a series of introductions to the puzzles featured in the game, offering introductions to basic duty puzzles, along with more advanced puzzles, such as gunning, navigating, and battle navigation. These missions, along with introductions on trade and furniture, can be found on the mission tab of the noticeboard.
  • Tutorials are featured throughout the game as part of radial menus, such as an explanation of the dubloon exchange found at the bank. These explanations of critical game functions are very important and reading them will lead to a better understanding of in-game functions. In this case, reading the manual is helpful! (And full of pirate humor!)
  • Help is a button located on the ahoy tab of the sunshine widget. Clicking this will provide three links to documentation, a FAQ, and the forums. All three of these are fantastic sources of information, although the forums is also a place for debate and humor. Don't hesitate to ask questions in the proper location on the forums!
  • Talk to a greeter is a button that is also located in the help box. Clicking on the button will automatically send a tell to a greeter to let them know that you need assistance. A friendly greeter will answer your question, along with providing suggestions on other places that will provide you with further information. It is important to treat a greeter with respect, as this is a player who has offered up their time for the assistance of new players!

Sources of help outside the game

  • Yppedia is a collection of articles meant to provide player-created guides, advice, and tested methods on various aspects of gameplay. There are many pages and many topics covered! Exploration is a great way to stumble upon new things which you may not have even known existed in Puzzle Pirates! There are also pages for player biographies, crews, flags, and islands! A simple search is more than likely to find information on any topic that you may be interested in or questioning.
  • The forums is a player discussion board with many different topics, ranging from helpful explanations, review of new content, bug hunting, and political reviews! Please note that a respectful post in the proper section is far more likely to result in meaningful help in responding posts. Make use of the search bar, as many people have started in the same boat as you!

Solving abstract problems

Puzzle Pirates is a game where making mistakes is a part of any pirate's life (although some may cost you a hand or foot!) You won't find a player that has not started out new, and they faced the same challenges that you do! When new content comes out, everyone will not understand it right away, and this is perfectly fine. With new expansions to gameplay comes the excitement of figuring things out and finding the best strategies to achieve piratical goals. PoE is not earned by sitting around, but by adventuring on the seas, managing stalls, and showing off your wits at the inn!

Community help

Make use of your fellow pirate! The mighty frigates can not sail with one person; Puzzle Pirates is a game designed around social gameplay and cooperation! Do not fear asking for help, you may make a new hearty out of the discussion!

Trial and error

The brightest minds test out new ideas and are not afraid of making mistakes, as the experience will help you in the future! Losing your first sloop by not understanding something happens, and you can always make your PoE back. Enjoy the experiences you have, for this is a game, after all! When things feel overwhelming, realize that you were not the first to make the error, and likely not the last. Mighty flags that have lasted for years have all made mistakes, and these are usually lead by highly experienced pirates. Yet, they continue on and learn, sharing their mistakes and making the most of them. Explore your world!

What not to do

It is important to note that there are ways that will not help you find an answer to a question. Examples of these include:

  • Using /greeter inappropriately - This chat channel is meant to assist greeters in finding answers to questions on gameplay. It is not meant for side chats or debating the proper use of greeter chat. The Yppedia offers a very helpful guide on proper greeter etiquette, but don't feel like you can not use the channel at all! Proper use is encouraged and highly beneficial for new players seeking help from a greeter.
  • Insult others - Everyone gets frustrated at times, but do not let this ruin the game experience of others! Step away when needed and relax. Starting fights over gameplay problems may result in negative effects, such as loss of hearties or game privileges!
  • Give up - Help is there for you. Finding it is the easy part, but using it is more than worth even that effort! Use it!