Howto:Make your pirate page

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Here is how to make your very own pirate page:

The search box.
A red link.

Step 1: Enter your pirate's name in the search box, exactly as it appears in-game. Click the 'Go' button.

  • If there's currently no article with that name, the article name will appear in red. Click the red link. Go to Step 2.
  • If there is already an article with that name (that doesn't belong to your pirate), try the following:
    • If the existing article is not a pirate page (for instance, you named your pirate "Blockade"), try entering Yourpiratename (pirate) in the search box.
    • If the existing article belongs to a pirate, try entering Yourpiratename (YourOcean pirate) in the search box. For instance, Bobthepirate (Emerald pirate).
    • If none of the above gives you a red link, or if you have some other problem, ask for help. This forum thread is a good place to ask for help. (Click one of the "Reply to this Post" links.)

Step 2: Copy and paste the {{Infobox pirate}} (Usage) template into your pirate page's edit box and fill in the parameters accordingly. Be truthful; do not make things up or claim to own things you don't have.

Step 3: Add a section about your pirate, their achievements, and if desired, a short biography about them.

Step 4: Use the preview button to see how your page will look. Proofread it as best you can and fix any typos you find. Use preview as many times as you need to until you're satisfied with your page. Then enter a summary and click the save button.

Step 5: Upload a portrait of your pirate. See Howto:Upload a portrait.