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Infobox pirate has no portrait


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is designed as a simple "catch all" template for placing infoboxes in pirate articles. For complete usage details see this page's talk page, and for an example page featuring this template, see YPPedia:Sample pirate page. Usage:

{{Infobox pirate
|piratename= Piratename

|portrait= yes

|familiars= #
|fam-type-x= Type-color1(-color2)
|fam-ocean-x= Ocean
|fam-name-x= name

|designer= no

|pet= yes

|trinket= yes

|galleries= #
|oceanx= Ocean



  • Piratename= OR Altname= - Required. Enter the name of the pirate as it would appear in-game. Use Altname if Piratename does not match the article title.
  • Portrait= - Optional—If omitted, no portrait will be displayed. Set portrait=yes if the pirate has a portrait uploaded to Image:Pirates-Piratename.jpg. The portrait can be any of the single-pirate portraits in the pirate's portrait gallery, and not just the one displayed on the pirate's info page.
  • Familiars= - Optional—Omit this field if the pirate has won no familiars. If the pirate has won one or more familiars, fill in the number won for x. Then, fill in fam-type-x=, fam-ocean-x=, and fam-name-x= for each familiar won, replacing X for the number of the familiar in each instance. For example, for a pirate who has won two familiars:
  • designer= - Optional—Only include for pirates who have had islands they designed included in the game.
  • pet= - Optional—Include if you have a single pet which you especially care for. You can find a list of pets that can be used with this template and the colors that are valid for them at Category:My pet templates
  • trinket= - Optional—Include if you have a single trinket of which you're very proud. Include colors even if they're not shown on the wiki, in case the trinkets are updated later. You can find a list of trinkets that can be used with this template and the colors that are valid for them at Category:My trinket templates
  • galleries=# - Optional—Replace # with the number of oceans on which the pirate has galleries. For each ocean required, specify |oceanx=ocean, for example:

This is basic usage. More advanced techniques can be found on the talk page