Holy Vessels

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Holy Vessels
Right-facing Shipyard (upgraded) on
Endurance Island (Opal Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Celach
Manager(s) Scarletohara, Redbetsy, Renda
Erected November 2004

Holy Vessels is an upgraded shipyard on Endurance Island on the Cerulean Ocean that was erected in November, 2004.

Building History

Holy Vessels was purchased from Cyclopsab by members of the flag Mind Games for poe and ships in July 2007. At that time, Endurance Island was ruled by Spirit of the Game (SotG), a spin-off flag of Notorious Fandango. In keeping with NF's taxation policy, SotG implemented a 100% tax rate on the island. Holy Vessels was spared the excess taxation by receiving a weekly rebate.

In September, 2007, SotG chose not to defend Endurance against a blockade by the Brigand King Azarbad the Great, therefore ending the weekly tax refund.

Due to the taxes imposed by SotG and then by Azarbad, nearly every stall in every bazaar on the island closed and four shoppes dusted. Holy Vessels endured until the island was liberated by the flag Blood and Roses in December, 2007. Co-owners Chumbucket and Legacy's crew left Mind Games for Blood and Roses a few weeks earlier and were instrumental in lobbying for the blockade of the island and restoration of a reasonable tax rate.