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Heathcliffs is a senior officer in the crew Blazing Angels and a lord of the flag Everything or Nothing on the Sage Ocean.


Heathcliffs began playing in July of 2007. He bounced from crew to crew before landing in the Shooting Stars of Sage. He remained in this crew for some time and made many hearties.

He met Antonio while playing on the Hunter Ocean, and learned of Antonio's desire to start his own crew. Heathcliffs joined Antonio's crew, Underworld Warriors, which joined the flag Black Flag. When Antonio left the game, Heathcliffs became the new captain. The crew soon moved to the flag Fearless Privateers.

When he began to have less play time, he decided to merge the crew into The Cursed Sailors. After a disagreement with one of Fearless Privateers' royals, Heathcliffs left to be an independent pirate. During this time, he opened a weaving stall on Admiral Island.

Once he had saved some PoE, he began crew-hopping, looking for a new crew that he felt comfortable in. During this time, he met Emanuella and Racerboy of Elite Privateers. He worked his way up to the rank of fleet officer before the flag, Nemesis began having internal issues. During this period, Racerboy left to start a new crew, Blazing Angels, and Heathcliffs joined him after deciding to leave Nemesis. After some time, Racerboy promoted him to the rank of senior officer.

Heathcliffs sunk 53 times before getting a hook. He owns a rat named "Dog".