Heartless Shadows

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Heartless Shadows at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Nikkik of Titans
Member crew(s) Animostica, Bloodlust, Elemental Serpents, Melody Shipping Lanes, The Runners of the Waves, Silver Dolphins, South Brooklynn Rippers, Titans, Undead Daredevils
Dormant or disbanded as of 15 August, 2006


Heartless Shadows is a flag on the Midnight Ocean. It was founded on October 13th, 2005.

Heartless Shadows gained a vast increase in man power and activity when it absorbed a large amount of the main crews of Rising Phoenix in early March of 2006.

In August of 2006, the crews from Heartless Shadows joined Silver Dawn in an arranged merger.

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