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Familiars Won

Harrjm is the captain of Gods Of War and the monarch of the flag Tyranny on the Cerulean Ocean. It is also notable that Harrjm was also a member of the flag Folie Circulaire before their fall into inactivity in late 2009. Before the ocean merge, this pirate could be found on the Midnight Ocean.


Harrjm started playing YPP in December, 2003. He lives in his villa on Beta Island. Pirates are mostly likely to find him on a poker table or causing trouble on the ocean, though the occasional chat circle isn't out of the question.

Shoppes and stalls

Icon iron monger.png Owns: Blue Balls on Jubilee Island

Icon weavery.png Owns: Fuchsia Fabrics on Jubilee Island

Icon shipyard.png Owns: Golden Galleons on Jubilee Island

Icon weavery.png Owns: Lubber Linen on Vernal Equinox

Icon distillery.png Manages: Bahrenheit for Fifty Rum on Beta Island

Icon shipyard.png Manages: Battlesloop Galactica on Beta Island

Icon distillery.png Manages: Denim Drunks on Jubilee Island

Icon shipyard.png Manages: Paddle Boats on Park Island

Familiar collection

Parrot-navy-white.png Trouble is a white/navy parrot that his lovely Captain Onelove gave to him as a gift.

Parrot-tan-persimmon.png Harrjm won a tan/persimmon parrot in the July 2009 Promotion. After having it for less than a week, he decided to play a game of Hide and Go Seek with this flag members. The winner, Dog, won the parrot for finding Harrjm and sending him a trade request first.

Serpent-navy-white.png After a successful trip to CI Harrjm found a serpent in the vessel owner's chest. Harrjm was quite thrilled with this find.

Monkey-almond.png During a sailing competition Harrjm's alt won 1st prize taking home a new monkey.