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Giannaros is the captain of the crew Royal Shamrock. He sails the Emerald Ocean.


Giannaros (usually called "Gian") started his pirate life on October of 2006.

A month later, he joined Scarlet Mist after talking to Pimpernel in Chachapoya's dock. He soon bought his first vessel, Heartless Roach, a sloop he still owns. Giannaros was promoted to the rank of officer shortly after.

He is currently the Captain of Royal Shamrock and a Prince of the flag "The Norse Kingdom". Giannaros almost always sails the seas along with his friend Dimitran.

Between the 20th of May and the 21st of May, 2022, Giannaros got two injuries in the span of 24 hours, losing a hand and an eye (in this order). The 21st of May, 2022 also marked the first time that Giannaros was a battle navigator in a blockade.