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Fofinha is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean and she is currently fleet officer and treasurer of The Forgiven, member of the flag Saints of Glory. Her past life was Raposa from Viridian, but she died due to long inactivity... Rest in peace, may all who knew Raposa send a tell to Fofinha.

Piratey life

Fofinha started her career in 2006, living in Harmattan Island (one of her favorite islands), but in 2011 she decided to live with some friends in Hadrian Island. At the moment, she's living in her villa with Mrmaisey and Gigamind.

Fofinha loves CI and Atlantis, she gets really nervous when vessel damage goes up! She likes to haul and forage chests, she's pretty fast. And because she has fast clicking, she makes some mistakes like painting a portrait she did not want.

Fofinha almost cried (psychologically) when she got ultimate Treasure Haul on January 20, 2012 but soon she dropped the stat by hauling in Atlantis.

She doesn't like pirates who get booches/poor on purpose, bots, uninteresting spam, lazing alts and hates prepotent pirates.

Finally, she likes her crew very much (best crew and best captain Ljgmf) and likes to help them, she's just sad many crewmates she loves are only online when she is supposed to sleep. So she goes to sleep very very late.

Where she lives

  • Townhouse on Hadrian Island
  • Villa on Napi Peak
  • Raw hours on Charcoal Island