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Pirate on Sage Ocean. His favorite puzzle’s are Icon gunnery.pngGunnery and Icon navigation.pngBattle Navigation.


Ferius is a pirate of Sage Ocean who started his pirate career when is friend Fabiolouro invited him to play YPP! Then he installed the game through the link on Miniclip.com and started playing on early April 2006. After learning the basics in the navy, he started pillaging with several big crews. In a Grand Frigate pillage, he joined Shark Raiders, his first crew.

After 2 months in Shark Raiders, Ferius left the crew looking for a crew who could make him Officer, joining then the Brother hood of the Exiled. There he navigated in is first pillage, on the Light Mummichog. Then he started to guard money to buy is first vessel, the sloop Dear Sawfish. However, he had a fight it one of the crew’s Senior Officer and he left crew, learning then a valuable lesson about Loyalty.

Without a crew, Ferius started applying to random pillages, until joined Imperial Guardians under the leadership of Captain Spiroth. There he meets Evulinka, who turned his best friend. In October 2006, Spiroth wanted to finish the crew. On October 27th, 2006, Arrmageddon started, and Spiroth decided to make a new crew where Ferius was the captain, and because Halloween was starting, they decided to name the crew Destiny’s Curse.

But the crew wasn’t successful. Evulinka, Spiroth and Ferius recruited very pirates, but they all went dormant. Then Evulinka went to another crew until Destiny’s Curse reached 50 members. Some days after, Spiroth left also the crew to join White Knights, where he turned dormant. Without his friends, Ferius didn’t want to play anymore. So, he made a “goodbye tournament”, where the prize was Dear Sawfish. Then he gave his crew to Juliusceaser, one of his hearties, and became dormant.

Then in May 2007, he decided to start a totally new pirate career and he went looking for a new crew. In a house party he meets Dredred and he joins is crew, Celts of Sage, where he make his second ship on Dredred’s shop (Pulp Frigtion), a dhow named Fascinating Blowfish. But due the incompetence of some of the crew officers, Dredred decided to make a whole new crew, named Skull and Crossbones. Has a gift, Dredred gave the shanghais of Celts of Sage to Ferius. In honor of Celts of Sage, Ferius decided to rename his dhow Celtic Shadow.

But short days after Ferius joined Skull and Crossbones, he realised that he just wanted to pillage whenever he wanted, because whenever he tried to do a pillage in is dhow the crew was offline or it was to busy to pillage. Then when his hearty Barbarosaa invited Ferius to be S.O in his crew, Ferius accepted, joining one of Sage's biggest crews, the Barbary Corsairs.

Some month after joining, the captain gonne dormant and the crew disbanded. Cuzz,an heartie, who had asked Ferius a couple of weeks earlier to join his crew because of Ferius stats, was online at the moment. So, Ferius joined Privateers, seeking a calmer crew where he could be a simple officer.

Normal Pirate Life

In the present Ferius is usually found in Atlantis, seeking lots of PoE and great treasures. With the money he wins he paint and furnish is beloved ship. In Celtic Shadow, he store his treasures so he can remember all his glorys over the months. But when anyone in the crew need help in a pillage, Ferius is ready to act. From times to times, Ferius host a Brigand King Hunt, calling the most elite pirates around to help him. Althought, all the BK trinkets that he got was Ferius who won then alone.


Ransomed by Gretchen Goldfang to Ferius on June 30, 2007
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"Team Lombard Avengers, First Place, Foot Brawl 2006"
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Ransomed by Admiral Finius to Ferius on February 29, 2008
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