Fearless Phoenix

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Fearless Phoenix at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Ladyjai
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Tide of Terror
Founded 20 September, 2006
Dormant as of 26 August, 2012

Fearless Phoenix is a crew that sails the Sage Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Tide of Terror.

History of Fearless Phoenix

Fearless Phoenix was founded on 20 September, 2006.

Public Statement

Werc eht nioj! **Now Recruiting**

We are all friends here! We chat...A LOT...if you can't cope with that then maybe we're not the crew for you. But if you see yourself as a hyper-mental mad pirate who doesn't mind chatting away & earning PoE then "Hoy hoy! Come on in! Now we really do have cookies of the baked variety!!" Also...we love ducks! XD

Note To All Flags:- We have a flag...we like our flag. Please don't send us invites! What makes you think I'd give up being monarch to come join you? Silly muppets!! Thanking You!! :oP

Promotion Requirements

  • Pirate: To be a Pirate you must be in our crew... that's the only requirement. Due to our booty share being 'Jobber's Delight' it works out better PoE wise if everyone starts out as a pirate!
  • Officer: To be Officer you must have at least 2 solids and 2 broads in the main piracy puzzles (bilge, carp, sails & guns). Your stats MUST be above able for all of these puzzles as well & you'll need to show to a FO, SO or myself you can bnav.
  • Fleet Officer: To be FO you must meet the requirements of Officer & be a respected, trusted and loyal member of the crew & show you know how to bnav. Owning your own ship won't hurt either.
  • Senior Officer: SO position is reserved for those capable of running things in my absence.
  • Captain: Captain, that's me... and there's only one of me!!

Crew Stalls

  • Ladyjai's Ironworking Stall on Wensleydale
  • Ladyjai's Distilling Stall on Wensleydale
  • Lanzi's Apothecary Stall on Greenwich Island
  • Hyatt's Shipbuilding Stall Lincoln Island
  • Enyi's Ironworking Stall on Admiral Island
  • Enyi's Distilling Stall on Admiral
  • Enyi's Weaving Stall on Admiral

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