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Ericbeard is a fleet officer of the crew Giggle Box, and member of the flag Bring On The Giggles on the Sage Ocean.


Ericbeard started playing Puzzle Pirates as a member of the crew Balls of Fire. Working his way up to just a pirate, he found this large crew lonely so he left the game. However, after a year, he began missing the game. He started up a new pirate of the same name and started working on his puzzling skills.

One day, Ericbeard went out on a pillage with the crew Thieves of the Sea and enjoyed the friendship shown among the members. After the pillage, Ericbeard asked Orlavengib for a membership in the crew. After he pointed out that he had previously been a member of BoF, the captain, Lipsy, gladly allowed him to join.

He remained with Thieves of the Sea throughout the summer. He then asked Lipsy if he could start his own crew. He founded Essence of Envy, but the crew disbanded after only a month. Lipsy allowed him back into Thieves of the Sea.

He later become fleet officer of the Luminescent Dragonflies, before moving on to the crew Giggle Box.

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