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Ericader is a keen swordfighter who bases himself off of Cnossos Island on the Midnight Ocean.



Ericader was noted for his high level of skill at the swordfighting puzzle. He was wedded to Titania on Nuptial Island on 28th July 2004. Stainedshirt led a celebratory pillage on the war brig, the Educated Pike. His yellow monkey was sold to Curule in an auction in early 2005 [1], Ericader's ingame activity has subsequently declined.

The avid swordfighter was also part of the sea battle team; "Chum" for the 5th season of the Olympic Champion's League, captained by Casanova along with Nuroticfish, Captnmorgan, Wayli, Blkdragon, Irene, Metheus, Weaver, and Honor. Ericader was also cited as one of the opponents that Bearclaw, winner of the 9th Black Death Tournament, was least looking foward to fighting, although unfortunately Ericader was unable to participate in the competition. [2]