Enigmatically Berserk

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Enigmatically Berserk at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Sorileea
Senior Officer(s) Tomdwan Guntime Clarkson
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Illusion
Founded 14 June, 2012
Last updated on 5 February, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Enigmatically Berserk is a crew which was founded by Sorileea on June 14, 2012. It sails the Emerald Ocean.

Public statement

Crazy in a puzzling, mixed up way. Living in a confusing delirium of hope and despondency.

Extended public statement

  • Be friendly and polite at all times. <3
  • Respect higher ranks. <3
  • Ask PTB (Permission to Board) before getting on any ship, unless Officer in charge whistles a “call all hands”. <3
  • Do not spam or trade goods on ships. <3
  • Don't ask to set sail. The officer knows when to set sail. <3
  • Don't shout unless you are the Naver, MAA or XO of a vessel. <3
  • Don't ask to gun or navigate. The officers will ask for this if it is needed. <3
  • Do NOT bother battle navigators, b-nav needs a lot of concentration. <3
  • Do not leave a ship while in battle. <3


  • Do not abandon a ship at sea. <3
  • NEVER rage quit, stranding your jobbers at sea. Instant demotion will follow this behavior. <3
  • Ask permission before using any ship. Do not ever sail into a sinking battle with someone else’s ship. Stock the ships as they were before the pillage. <3
  • Stealing, cheating or scamming are forbidden and will be reported to the Ocean Masters. <3
  • Attack only Brigands, Barbarians And Merchants. (If you plan on attacking real players please talk with a superior officer) <3
  • If you win KB (kraken's blood ), you will be expected to sell it and share it with your jobbers. <3


  • Cabin person: Rank automatically given as soon as you join the crew. The Captain will immediately promote you to Pirate. <3
  • Pirate: All new members will start out as Pirate. Work on raising your stats to earn a higher rank. Be active and willing to help out. Job for crew members or flaggies as often as you can. Do not gun without permission. <3
  • Officer: You should be able to run a pilly to receive this rank. You should have at least three puzzle stats up to Solid. Owning your own ship or having an officer badge automatically earns you this rank. Talk to the captain if you believe you are ready for officer. <3
  • Fleet Officer: You must be highly trusted to receive this rank. You must be willing to help out and must be a positive influence to crew mates and jobbers. <3
  • Senior Officer: You must have a good reputation and be completely trusted by the Captain and current SO’s. You must be skilled in B-Nav, know how to keep the boat in shape, know how to handle a crew, and keep order. You must be willing to take on responsibility and able to settle disputes and solve problems. <3
  • Captain: Position not vacant.