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Elaryin is a senior officer and siren of the Polynesian Pillagers, and a lady of the flag Pride of the Pacific on the Viridian Ocean.


Elaryin started on the Viridian in August 2005. After being the usual crew hopping greenie for a while, she stopped and met Captainread and joined the crew Pirates of the Mist. While she was jobbing, she met Lani who at the time was First Mate in Viridian Sailors. After being fiercely loyal to the crew of Pirates of the Mist, she took a leave to join the at the time new crew called Polynesian Pillagers made by Lani.

She was immediately promoted to officer of the crew when she first joined, but then took a long leave of absence that elapsed for around five to six months. She then came back and began to actively play again and was eventually promoted to fleet officer. At first she refused to be promoted because she was planning on going back to her old crew, but she found out that the crew had been disbanded by the time she had returned and decided to stay with the Pillagers. She began pillaging for a while and took out several ships and then took another long break, this one lasting for maybe two months. When she came back, she was eventually promoted to senior officer and lady of the flag. During that time, she grew afraid of Battle Navigation and refused to take out ships and always simply helped the other officers in the crew out.

She usually takes the job of Executive Officer during war frigate pillages in Polynesian Pillagers and is known for her extreme callousness and utter rudeness to jobbers on boats. Indeed, many believe she has no soul. It is known that she has many fans due to this and we're certain many jobbers will tell you so. She is well-known and loved by her friends as "The Planking Queen".

It is well known that she has no fondness at all for greenies or just people who ask her stupid question to the effect of "Can I have money?". When this happens, she takes extreme delight in insulting them for several minutes before she loses interest and does it to someone else. When they insult her back and tell her she's being extremely mean, she simply tells them that she has no tolerance for stupidity.


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