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Egc is the captain and politician of the crew Guppy Wackers. She's also a princess in the flag Lunar Bin.

Accomplishments and contributions

  • Captain of the Guppy Wackers
  • Princess of Lunar Bin
  • Held various events for her crew and hearties
  • Owns various stalls


Egc started playing the game in December of 2005. On her first day of playing she jobbed in a blockade and ever since then has been addicted to the life of a pirate. She first joined a crew by the name of Barrel Stoppers (now defunct). After spending a few months as officer in that crew, she made her own crew called Guppy Wackers. She later asked Grumbles to join Lunar Bin and has been since a valuable addition to that flag. For her, they bent their rule of only one Royal per crew. You will most likely find her sitting at the Turtle Inn wagering at sword fight or playing hearts. She is, however, a fierce pillager.

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