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Eccezionale at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch ? of ?
Member crew(s) ?
Dormant or disbanded as of 1 June, 2004

Eccezionale was an early Midnight Ocean flag, and the colonizers of Oyster Island.


The flag was founded by several early beta testers at the opening of Midnight. The flag's initial aim was to recruit small to medium crews and pirates, and to work towards successfully blockading and governing an island. Eccezionale's monarch was Fersboo, captain and founder of the crew Teschio e Ossa. He was later replaced by Pete, who founded and captained La Tempesta Mortale.

The flag contained several different crews throughout its lifetime, including;

  • Chaos Chronicles
  • Galaxy Pirates
  • La Tempesta Mortale
  • Teschio e Ossa

On 2004-5-01, Eccezionale realised their dream of owning an island when they successfully captured Oyster Island in a 7 round uncontested blockade. They governed the island peacefully and without challenge for three months. However, on 2004-8-21, the flag Ship For Brains, founded with the sole intention of capturing Oyster Island from Eccezionale, blockaded the island. Eccezionale won the blockade, 6 rounds to none, as they enjoyed great support from their allies. Such flags included Midnight Armada and The Infidels.

Despite the success of Oyster II, on August 23, Eccezionale decided that they did not have the strength and resilience to defend Oyster in the long-term, and therefore ceded its governance to the flag Nidiata Dei Draghi.

Blockades at a Glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 1 May 2004 Oyster I Attacking uncolonized Yes none vs. Eccezionale 0:7 Won island
2 21 August 2004 Oyster II Defending No Eccezionale vs. Ship for Brains 6:0 Defended island