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Dutch Meetup 2017

From YPPedia


Please note: This event is not officially sponsored or sanctioned by OOO Design Inc. Therefore they claim no liability or responsibility for any problems, complaints, or miscellaneous arguments therein.

The Details

The Dutch meetup is held in The Netherlands, and has been attended by pirates from all over the globe in the 9 years it has been held. On this page you'll find everything you'll need to know about this year's meetup.

Of course we hope many people will attent. Love, Bisca


We've made it! We'll be at "Het Kruithuis" in Delft!


For ways to get to the closest trainstation "Delft-Zuid", check http://www.ns.nl This website is also available in English, and here you can plan your journey by train. If you can't work it out by yourself, please contact one of the Evil Planners to help you out.

From the trainstation its only a short walk to the Kruithuis which you can see in this useful linky.

If you're having trouble finding the place or if you're worried you might get lost and want to be picked up you can always call us on the piratephone (number will be enclosed in the verification email)

  • Please note the piratephone will only be in use DURING the meetup, so calling it now is of no use.


The meetup is from 18th August - 21st August. It's awesomest if you come play the whole weekend, but you're free to drop by for a day if you'd like. Ask us for the options.


For the past nine years, there has been a 50 euro deposit, and another 50 euros paid at the meetup. The exact final cost is calculated near the end of the meetup, and any money left over is divided and returned to each attendee. We do not anticipate the total cost to be more than 100 euros.

Please bear in mind that we have limited bunk space. When you pay your deposit you secure a bunk, unless of course you prefer to sleep separated from all the madness, in which case you can bring a tent. When all the bunks are gone there is always an option to bring a tent aswell.


The reason we ask for a deposit is so we can plan our meetup spending ahead of time, reserve our accommodation and to help us know how many people will be attending. If you have paid the deposit and then realize you cannot attend, we will try to refund you the deposit, but we cannot guarantee it. Be especially careful if you're paying a deposit for someone else - make sure they can pay you the deposit even if they end up not attending.


Will be updated later

What You Will Have to Bring

1) Sleeping bag AND Sheet and Pillow

2) Towels and such

3) Swimwear (optional, if the weather is nice we might have water related games)

4) Pirate outfit for Saturday!

5) Raffle item (optional, but very much appreciated)

6) Flip-flops (very highly recommended for shower use)

7) A tent if you prefer one (and everything that goes with it, like your own (air)mattress)


We have a form, which is super easy to fill out and helps us to work out how many people we're likely to have attend - as well as making sure we can accommodate any requirements you may have.

Contact Information

If you have any question you can email me at: Irina_hooiveld@hotmail.com

We don't have a certain phone number (yet).

Registered Guests

Green font indicates this person has reserved their place with payment. (still black font doesn't mean the person is not coming anyway, the person might also have made a different pay-arrangement.)

At this stage, people listed are >50% certain they will attend in 2017.




Shore Leave

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