Dutch Meetup 2010

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Please note: This event is not officially sponsored or sanctioned by OOO Design Inc. Therefore they claim no liability or responsibility for any problems, complaints, or miscellaneous arguments therein.

The details

The Dutch meetup is held in The Netherlands, and has been attended by pirates from all over the globe in the 3 years it has been held. Initial plans for a 2010 Dutch Meetup are already being prepared. This article is a placeholder for when more information becomes available. Discussion about the dates and location can be found on the pre-planning meetup thread.


Due to the popularity of 2009's meetup location, the 2010 meetup is hopefully going to be at "The gunpowder house", a historic building which was built and used after there was a huge explosion in Delft.


50 Euro deposit, and another 50 Euro at the meetup. So a total of 100 Euro. Last year everybody got 15 euro's back.


50 Euro deposit, and another 50 Euro at the meetup.

Pay info will come once we get your e-mail address when you filled in this Dutch Meetup 2010 registration form

What you will have to bring

0) A sunny disposition 1) A sleeping bag or sheet and pillowcase

Schedule of events

From Friday 13 August 2010 till Monday 16 August or maybe even a few more days extra depending on how many want to stay longer.

What we do? That be up to you.


Nice route map from Dylan on Google-Maps


You can sign up if you want, but we are not sure we can let you come, as we only can provide 50 bunks, and a few tent spots. BUT WE ALREADY GOT 67 PIRATES ON OUR LIST!

Dutch Meetup 2010 registration form

Registered guests

Green font indicates this person has reserved their place with payment. (still black font doesn't mean the person is not coming anyway, the person might also have made a different pay-arrangement.)

At this stage, people listed are >75% certain they will attend in 2010.

If there is a red-comment behind your name, we are still needing your information, email-address, pirate-name, days staying, .... So you are on the list, but fill in the form!


  • Dylan Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Icemeister (also Malachite) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Marguerite (also Sage) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Perfectus/Hot (also Cobalt) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Umpie (also Malachite) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Angara Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Jacqie Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Pleun Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Kinocha Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Lente Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Coraline Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Haunter Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Achelois Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Bigsword Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Roev Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Redvikki Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png


  • Disgraceful Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Snort Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Dafster Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Faq Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Tasjatjuh Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png


  • Ikke / Veerle (also Midnight/Malachite) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Tornmean / Devilhimself Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Castedangel Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Callinger Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Bellette Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Wombata Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Tangible Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Rhummie Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Rhumberu Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • bobjanova Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png


  • Needkraken (also Midnight) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Fearlessphil (All oceans actually) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Gypsyjayne (may not be able to attend) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Gypsyhuggy (also Malachite and Crimson) (may not be able to attend) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Chiichan Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Grampa Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Teabagbill (also many other oceans) Registration not complete. Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Maximillian Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Nidhoeggr Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png


  • (Astar) Registration not complete. Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Johnncenaa Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Viktorius Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png




  • Amatoria (also Midnight, and anywhere else really) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Zigimo Not registered yet. Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Albion (also Midnight) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Edjer Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Kamuflaro Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Paco Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png


  • Sobek / Onorevoletus Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png
  • Kangal Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png




  • (Yasha) Registration not complete. (also Ice) Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png


  • (Loncarno) Registration not complete. Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png

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