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Dravlid is a pirate on the Midnight, Cobalt, and Opal Oceans.

Dravlid is one of the winners of the Design the Oceans Contest.[1] His excellent design work can be seen at Lonelywood Lagoon, on the Cerulean and Meridian oceans (as well as on the retired/merged oceans of Cobalt, Crimson, and Viridian).

Accomplishments and Contributions

  • Celebrated his 4th Pirate Birthday on Dec 4th, 2007.
  • Owner of the Yellow/Purple fleet from before paint. Sloop up thru Grand Figate.
  • Helped the Red Russians be the first crew to have over 200 Sea Battles in one day. (201 battles 187 won - March 2004)
  • Hosts the Black Friday Pillage every year to help those who Black Friday shop stay up all night long.


Dravlid washed up on the shores of the Midnight Ocean on December 4, 2003. After wondering around, in a dazed and confused state, he found himself with the Red Russians, a medium size crew of the flag of the Crimson Tide.

Thru lots of hard work and pillaging, Dravlid became first mate of the Red Russians and in June 2004, became captain. There was a small controversy over the name of the crew. The name was from the Azure Ocean and most of the crew by now had never been on Azure. In June 2004, the crew was renamed to the Arctic Blades. The crew colors were also changed from red to aqua and white.

October 2004 rolls in with several major changes. The Arctic Blades received its own tailor shop on Xi, Peter’s Parkas, Dravlid becomes a royal member of the Crimson Tide, and he also steps down from the role of captain. With new real life and royalty duties on game, Dravlid gives control of the crew to his good friend and first mate, Gagi.

In 2005, Dravlid left the Crimson Tide due to difference of opinions. He formed a solo crew called What in The Seven Seas after the pirate filter for a naughty phrase. After meeting with Llama joined the flag of Widows and Orphans. Here he remained until September 2006, where he followed his good friend Furshizzle to the Cobalt Ocean.

Cobalt Ocean caused many new trials and tribulations. No ships, No maps, No nothing. But being with a good crew of fellow pirates, the crew of The Pittsburgh Pirates is slowing becoming a force in the ocean. And he is damn pleased to be there.



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