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Dragonblade is the captain of the crew Casualties Of War, and prince of the flag Vanguard.

Starting as a cabin person in The War Eagles, the predecessor to the British Eagles, Dragonblade rose quickly through the ranks, becoming captain in 2005. In the British Eagles he was involved in many blockades, when flying under the flag of Scupperer, Scuppering Seven Seas. It became clear Dragonblade was a good tactician, which gave him the task of sea-admiral in many blockades. Dragonblade would aid Scupperer in many blockades, until Scupperer lost his mind.

After the emotional goodbye to his old and trusted flag, he found his action elsewhere. Dragonblade joined Ellipse for many months until the flag went dormant. He joined Regnum Irae and became a prince. After that he joined Antix's flag Infierno De Los Diablos, where he was prince for a while. During his time in all these flags Dragonblade served as a sea-admiral in many blockades. Currently, he is a prince in Vanguard and their main admiral.

Later, when Dragonblade grew old and his bones started to ache, he was used many times as blockade adviser. Even though his legs couldn't carry him towards the nav wheel any longer.

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