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Change phrasing of delivery fee to something potentially less confusing

Common buy/sell PoE price across Oceans

Cost too much at the exchange

  • Doubloons are not magicked up; they're bought for real money
  • Players control the exchange; Developers (and maybe Oceanmasters) won't intervene
    • Lizthegrey "We won't intervene in the poe-doubloon exchange, which is operated entirely by player transactions."
    • Lizthegrey "We have said in the past that we cannot, and will not intervene in the player-operated doubloon exchange - whatever the price settles at, it settles at."

Buy for real money

Prices (subject to change)

Latest prices and purchase page

Decrease labor badge micropayment fee as doubloon price increases

High (and low) price limits at doubloon exchange

Increase PoE fountains

Magicked up doubloons injected into the doubloon exchange

Obsidian Ocean during testing

For subscribers (inverse of a doubscription)

Price adjustments

Purchase via

Pay-per-call number

Remove doubloon charge from whisking potion order

Rework the exchange interface

Change size of trading window

Warning when selling too cheaply on the exchange

Why not stored in chests or coffers?