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Dormant players

Players who have not logged in to the game in 10 days are considered dormant.

Dormant players:

  • do not count towards the headcount totals of their crew or flag
  • do not count as voting members of a crew or a flag.
  • are not listed on the crew info pages, but rather on a linked page called "dormant members" underneath the list of active crew members
  • 14 days after last login, dormant players are fired from any shoppe jobs they had
  • do not count toward the population of the island their home is on.

To restore active status, a player must log in.

After about six weeks of inactivity, pirates can be purged from the game if the account has not been protected by spending real money.

Dormant flag or crew

A flag or crew in which all the players are dormant is itself considered dormant.

Dormant labor

Players who are unable to provide labor to shops are marked dormant in any shoppe or stall where they are employed. The skill levels of these pirates are grayed out when viewing that employee on the employment list. These jobs are also listed as dormant on the pirate's employment page.

There are two causes: