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Dark Demonic Dreams

From YPPedia

Dark Demonic Dreams at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Monarch (Currently dormant) Naiki of Demonic Playground
Member crew(s) Demonic Playground
Founded 26 December, 2009
Allies None
Wars None
Last updated on 5 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Dark Demonic Dreams is a flag on the Meridian Ocean formerly of Viridian and it will be around for a long time.

Public Statement

We are the stuff nightmares are made of and we are comming for you.

Flag Information

This flag was made for the crew and any crews that join us. Atlantisblue helped us come up with the right name.

If you would like to join us:

  1. Have to talk to the monarch and royals first.
    • Tell us your goals and what you hope to accomplish on Viridian.
  2. The monarch and royals will talk it over and if your crew seems a good fit- we will invite you.

Royalty and Titled positions will not be given right away. They have to be earned. These positions within the flag will be decided on maturity, loyalty and commitment to the flag. The only ones who are eligible are the captain of the crew or a S.O. representative (they will be earned one at a time).

Dormant royals: If any royal becomes dormant, they will lose their royal position. They will have a period of time to become active before it is taken away. But if you let us know that you will not be on for a period of time, you will not lose the position.


  1. Must talk to us first. If you talk to a royal first you will also have to talk to the monarch.
  2. NO random requests or they may be ignored.

We will be conducting blockades, SMH/CI's and alot of pillages. And we love doing PvP's.

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