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Dandadude is now a fleet officer in the crew Radiance on the Viridian Ocean.

Dandadude first started playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates in 2005 starting with the name Blackybeard. Soon, after convincing some other friends (Chax and Alexpeng) of his to play, he joined a crew under the captain, Chomp.

Blackybeard quickly came to like Swordfighting and Sailing. He mainly played these puzzles. But after a quick chat with his friends he tried the other puzzles a bit more. Soon he began to play Carpentry and Bilging much more, although he didn't like Gunnery too much. Blackybeard obtained a grand-master or legendary in Carpentry, Sailing, Bilging and Swordfighting.

Blackybeard and his friends quickly became officer candidates. Alexpeng and Chax became officers but Blacky wasn't confident in his Battle Navigation and didn't take the test. A bit later Blackybeard and his friends started a new crew called The Raiders. They convinced more of their friends to play and help them with their crew. But the crew split up and Alexpeng and Blackybeard stopped playing Puzzle Pirates. However Chax kept his account active, going on every few weeks.

About mid-2006 Alex started playing Puzzle Pirates again and convinced Dan to play again as well. This time he decided to make his name Dandadude. They convinced different friends to play and joined the crew Mithril Dream under the captain, Roju. After a few months they found out Chax's account was still active, and by pure luck they met him in the game.

Dandadude became an officer in the crew Mithril Dream. He wasn't as good at Bilging as he once was but his parlor skills had increased. He loved his new crew, a great mix of PoE and having a laugh.

Later Dandadue joined Radiance and became a fleet officer and a lord of the flag The Resolution.