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Alexpeng began playing Puzzle Pirates at the end of 2005. A few of Alex's school friends had played the game (Dandadude and Chax) so Alex decided to try it. He quickly became hooked on the game, and joined the crew of a fellow pirate, under the captain "Chomp". He quickly rose through the ranks to senior officer but a group of friends persuaded him to form a crew named The raiders which joined Pay for Play. Soon after, he was unable to play Puzzle Pirates due to being on holidays, and his pirate was deleted. Thus he stopped playing Puzzle Pirates until September of 2006.


Alexpeng has made a new pirate (with the same name on the same ocean) using the same account. He has sailed under the crews The Viridian Fantasy and Reality, plus numerous small crews. He joined the crew Mithril Dream, captained by Roju, after finding a crew who had some experienced and friendly members, and eventually became its first senior officer. However his friend Buchin had recently made a crew and he was eager to help out. After thinking long and hard he finally decided to leave his friends in Mithril Dream to join Radiance. He is now a fleet officer in Still of the Night and the a member of Sea Change.

Trinkets Obtained

Trinket-Salt shaker.png

1 salt shaker (green) Ransomed by Apeng (his alt) on the 24th of October 2006 from Gretchen Goldfang

Trinket-Spectral crown.png

1 spectral crown for coming 2nd place on team: Lost Host on the Viridian Ocean 2006 Halloween

Pets Obtained

1 rat named Sam

1 dog (chestnut with off white) named Lex