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A tan/light green dragon familiar
A black/light green dragon in a portrait

The dragon is a type of familiar which can be found on the oceans. It may be won, with a 0.1% probability, from opening a first-generation gold box, or with a 0.05% probability from a June 2015 gold box.


The selection of colors available in the first-generation gold box (April 2012-February 2013) rotated by month:

  • April - Navy, Lime, Light Green
  • June - Green, Yellow, Orange, Gold
  • August - Navy, Violet, Purple
  • October - Tan, White, Grey, Peach
  • December - Persimmon, Red, Maroon
  • February - Navy, Blue, Aqua, Green, or any previous month's color

During June 2015, the following dragon colors were available in gold boxes:

  • White/Tan
  • White/Mint
  • White/Lemon
  • White/Rose

In December 2016, white/ice blue dragons were available from Blizzard boxes.

In May 2017, white/banana dragons were available from Banana boxes.

Green/red dragons were available from gold boxes in December 2017.


Historical notes

  • The dragon familiar first appeared with the introduction of gold boxes on April 6, 2012. Its availability was removed with the introduction of the Generation II gold boxes on April 6, 2013, though any gold boxes purchased before that date and not opened may still contain a dragon.

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