Crimson Seablades (Meridian)

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This article is about a Meridian Ocean crew. For the Emerald Ocean crew, see Crimson Seablades (Hunter).
Crimson Seablades at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Phrosty (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Hevvaone (Dormant), Rumboy (Dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Tranquility
Founded 18 April, 2005
Dormant as of 22 February, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info

Crimson Seablades is a dormant crew that sails the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag of Tranquility.


Crimson Seablades was founded as Venturous Seablades(verify), on April 18, 2005, on the retired Viridian Ocean. Phrosty was an officer in a crew in a flag which participated in the first blockade of Viridian. Faced with declining activity and the collapse of the flag, Phrosty set out to revitalize the flag and to make his mark upon the ocean. However that goal proved to be impossible and the Seablades set out alone to hone their skills upon the ocean with but two goals in mind, to reach imperial status and to be recognized amongst the elite crews. Having achieved considerable success the Seablades sought out the legendary flag Requiem.

When Requiem began to decline they moved to Choking Hazard and then to Tranquility.

Flag affiliation history

  1. Requiem (~Sep 9, 2005 - ~Feb 16, 2006)
  2. Choking Hazard (~Feb 16, 2006 - ~Sep 8, 2006)
  3. Tranquility (~Sep 8, 2006 - present)

Public statement


To Cherish what we have, we must remember those who have Fallen: The oceans once trembled at the sound of the Seablades, Imperial warriors of the ocean before all others, in the time of Old Requiem. Today, all members of this devilish crew are scattered throughout the ocean, bleeding and fighting with honour. We remember those who fell : Venturous Seablades....Fair winds!!!


Legends tell of a devilish group of rogues that soared the waves in search of a mythical black ship, loaded with the bounties of a thousand lifetimess. Rumour has it that each member of this crew was silently feared amongst the taverns and inns across the seas. Each of these swashbucklers seemed immortal and were supposedly champions in all manners of skilltraits in the life of a pirate. Swift with a sword, slick with the sails and true to the pirate code. "The Seablades" they were called....Seablades..