Cobra (pirate)

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This article is about a pirate. For the Sage Ocean crew, see Cobra (Sage).
Cobra (pirate)

Viridian Ocean

On the now-retired Viridian Ocean, Cobra took over as captain of The Happy Go Luckies on January 29th, 2006. He was one of the 3 founding members (Cobra, Nisseman, Speckle) of the crew and a very good friend of the previous captain. On previous occasions, he has taken over being captain while Nisseman was away. He has now stepped down from being captain as Nisseman has returned. He was monarch of The Emasculators until The Happy Go Luckies was merged with Frutti di Mare. He is now a fleet officer in Fatal Felines.

Hunter Ocean

Cobra entered Hunter the day it was created. He quickly joined the crew The Black Hunters and was made a senior officer. He is currently a lord in the flag The Black Pearl.

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