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Cleansanchez is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean and is currently a senior officer of the crew Parrot Bay and a lord of the flag Slippery When Wet.


Early days

Cleansanchez started on Hunter with no friends and only one doubloon from Viridian. He crew hopped before finally resting with Skull Bashers. He met some of his closest friends there. Including, Cairna, Cinquains, Ritzapper, Lehaiahn, Yummym, and many others. All of whom brought and caused many aspects of Clean's pirate career to take off.

In-between times

He stayed with Skull Bashers for many months, cultivating many great friendships. He participated in Gallows Island II as an alt in the crew Up your Booty, gaining his first real blockade experience since since his early days in Viridian. He then went on to participate in many blockades real and event for the Skull Bashers honing his abilities.

Cleansanchez would soon start to feel uneasy with Skull Bashers, mainly Captain Wayan. These troubles began after Aimuari Island I, where after Drajl, the king of Kampf Zum Tod pulled out to save money and ships. After this Wayan left to create his own flag. Cleansanchez soon thought it good to take a change of scenery. So after consulting a friend and fellow forum-tart Athens, he joined up with Transition.

Cleansanchez flourished under Transition, later named Hysteria, and the spin off crew In war we trust. He took over the captaincy of -amore- at the begging of his friend Amar. He then created the war flag New World Order. Cleansanchez has recently joined on up the ranks of the crew Serendipity, captained by his long-time hearty Belle. He was immediately promoted to the rank of senior officer and can be seen nowadays pvping other player vessels or winning on the poker tables.

The recent past

After an uneventful stay on Malachite, a brief stint on Sage, and some fun times on Viridian, Cleansanchez has returned to Hunter. He is now the co-captain of the crew Parrot Bay, with Linnyani.

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