Chaos's Destiny (defunct crew)

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Chaos's Destiny at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Mollybaby
Senior Officer(s) Astrida, Redrik, Iameric, Ladymolly, Murgy, Kleptmatic, Rosebuster, Winter, Orchidlady, Powerbow
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Sea Change
Founded 1 July, 2007
Merged with Hellas as of 5 July, 2008
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Chaos's Destiny is a crew founded in the year 2007 on July 1, belonging to the flag Sea Change. It was founded by Cheli. In December 2007, Cheli past the captainship to Mollybaby . Chaos's Destiny is a good and fun crew which pillages a lot and has lots of great members.

11-16-07 Ranked 9 and Illustrious,

11-25-07 Ranked 8 and Illustrious,

12-11-07 Ranked 7 and Illustrious,

12-13-07 Ranked 5 and Illustrious

6-29-08 Achieved Sea Lords

July 5, 2008, Chaos's Destiny merged back with Hellas, the original crew from which many SO's had come from.

Hellas' new flag is now called Chaos's Destiny, and its royals are Mollybaby, Astrida and Iameric.

Public Statement

In the middle of chaos we were forced to make our own destiny.

Extended Public Statement

Welcome to Chaos's Destiny!!!

CREW COLORS Navy, Aqua & White

CREW HOUSE Mollybaby's Manor on Jubilee

Crew 1st mate and Second in Command Astrida - Senior Officer

PROMOTIONS & RANKS Please ask any SO about promotions they are in charge of promotions.

Pirate: Must have at least narrow in guns. Pirates DO NOT gun unless ordered by the Captain or XO. You will be liable to be planked.

Officer: Must have broad in Sail, Carp, Bilge, Gun with 2 master or 1 Grand Master, also with distinguished battle navigation.

Fleet Officer: Having been in the crew for atleast a month, with Solid Gun, Sail, Carp, Bilge and Master in battle navigation.

Senior Officer: Captain is the only one who can promote you to this rank. This rank is gained through hard work and responsibility. Must be an agreement with other Senior Officers also.


Shipyard Galleons Galore on Napi

  • Distillery:

-Millefleur's distillery Stall on Dragon's Nest

-Mollybaby's Distillery Stall on Kirin

  • Ironworking:

-Ladymolly's Ironworking stall

-Kleptmatic's Ironworking stall on Tigerleaf Mountain

-Kayak's Ironworking stall in Kirin

  • Weavery:

-Astrida's weavery stall on Cochineal

-Ladymolly's weavery stall on Cochineal


The Treasurer is Winter. Winter and the Captain will be in charge of the crew treasury. Any crew donations can be given to either of these two people. All donations are to be posted into the articles. The crew treasury is used to puchase anything the crew has discussed on purchasing.