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Cathary is a senior officer and urchin of the crew Outtamyway. She has been playing since August 2005 and frequently bothers the Viridian Ocean. She'll admit that Sailing is her best puzzle, but she won't admit that she's actually quite good at it.


  • Ran a war brig pillage, her first pillage in a long time, and kicked some robot booty.
  • Left Hellas with her crewmates to create a new crew, Outtamyway, captained by Mollybaby once more under the flag Chaos's Destiny.
  • Sold her cottage from 2005 to buy a Row House with Iameric.
  • Stayed loyal to her crew when they left the flag Sea Change to merge with Hellas and join Mollybaby's flag, Chaos's Destiny, named after her old crew.
  • Was promoted to fleet officer by Captain Mollybaby, in June 2008.
  • Iameric replaced Cathary's sunken sloop with one from his stall named the Large Carp (although Cathary refers to it as the Large Crap)
  • The Saucy Whitebait was sunk deliberately by Iameric.
  • Was instantly promoted to officer by Pellameni.
  • Sought the help of her single hearty Pellameni and decided to join the crew Chaos's Destiny, in which Pellameni was senior officer.
  • Gave up her life as a pirate before returning in May 2008.
  • Bought her first house, a cottage on Kirin Island and made Evab a roommate.
  • Taught how to pillage and do Battle Navigation by her captain.
  • Bought her first sloop, the Saucy Whitebait.
  • Quickly advanced through the ranks and became officer of Blood Raven.
  • Joined the crew Blood Raven after quickly befriending the captain, Evab.


Cathary has always valued friends over puzzles and politics, which is the reason she has stayed loyal to her hearties and crews. Whilst speaking to a friend about leaving Sea Change for another flag, she said that she didn't really care what happens just as long as she's among friends.

However, Cathary still tries hard to boost her pirating skills and hopes one day to get Ultimate sails (she isn't hoping THAT hard though...). She would hate to be a captain because she doesn't think she'd be able to cope with the stress!

Although Cathary is of senior officer rank, she admits that she has completely forgotten everything her old captain taught her about Battle Navigation. She is trying to regain the knowledge she has lost by watching her friends battle brigands and barbarians but she finds it extremely difficult.