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Romance was the fourth art Forum run by Nemo. From the original post[1]: Romance! Whether the melancholy call of the gulls or the passionate cry of a jilted lover, romance can evoke more than just what its name implies. Piratical romance is this week's project and you can interpret that however you like. Whichever way you do it, we should be tugged at our heart and long for a pirate love of our own.

Secondarily this week, pay close attention to composition. Anything we see in the image should have a purpose. A detailed background isn't worthwhile if it distracts from the subject. A big open space should only exist if that openness is relevant to the image. If a character's feet are unimportant then don't bother showing them.

As with the last project, I encourage you to post your sketches first so we can all share ideas before things become painful to change. The duration will probably be about two weeks (try to put up the first sketch post within a few days), but we'll go as long or short as you all want to.

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