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Category:Art Forum:Pirate Parties

From YPPedia

Pirate Parties was the fifth Art Forum run by Nemo. From the original post[1]:

Har! Time for a new Art Forum!

As before, the Art Forum is a place where we all make images based on a central theme, and together, as a community, critique and improve.

This time around: Pirate Parties

This can mean whatever you can interpret to be. It's just a jumping-off point. If you want to draw pirates drinking it up, that's lovely. If you'd prefer to paint a pirate raiding party, then that's quite all right as well. Any style, any medium.

Please post often during the course of your work so we can all share in the experience and offer comments. It's much easier to change something early on than later, and others may have good ideas for improvements.

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