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Carpe Noctum

From YPPedia

For the flag Carpe Noctem on the Midnight Ocean, see Carpe Noctem.
Carpe Noctum at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Vermillion of Vampiric Addiction
Member crew(s) Bloody Mary's Revenge, Anima Mundi, Glitter and Trauma, Vampiric Addiction
Founded 6 April, 2006
Mostly dormant as of 17 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Carpe Noctum.jpg

Carpe Noctum is currently a mostly dormant flag on the Meridian Ocean that was created by Vermillion on April 6, 2006.

Public Statement

Welcome to the Strange...

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Drain all the blood and give the kids a show =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

What once was light, now is dark. We live among the dusk in all hopes to escape the dawn. Our dreams are nightmares, our race is loathed... Clip side of the pinkeye flight, I'm not the percent you think survives... I need sanctuary in the pages of this book. Gestating with all the other rats, nurse said that my skin will need a graft... I am of pockmarked shapes, the vermin you need to loathe...

... Enter the darkness, our Nocturnal pulse. We are your love, you hate, your desires and your fears. This lust is Vampiric Addiction... Carpe Noctum... Welcome to our world, we are the dwellers of darkness ...


Deep? Dark? Maniacal? We may be just that, but nonetheless, we are a passive flag meaning no harm to anyone. We will not declare war, so don't even think about instigating. We welcome new crews a place to call home and treat everyone with the respect we wish in return. We are also in search of allies in attempts to grow and become a well formed flag. We are discipline and organized and under the spell of the Dead Countess, Lady Vermillion. Kind and sweet she may be until one crosses her in such a way. Come what may, we will always stand strong and will be forever known as Carpe Noctom, the Nocturnal Pulse of Viridian.


~x Policy on attacking allies x~

I ask that each and every officer check our ally status each and every day so that you are aware of who we are allied with, who we are at war with and who we are trying to ally with so that there is no confusion when you go PVP hunting.

If in the event that:

You attack an ally - Please contact the officer incharge of the other ship involved, (Do a /vwho on the ship) apologize for the mistake and request a disengage. If a disengage is not agreed on then the battle proceeds.

An ally attacks you - Inform the officer in charge of the other ship (Do a /vwho on the ship) that we are allied and request a disengage. If a disengage is not agreed on, the battle proceeds.


Vermillion says, "Castor is our hero!"

Geckoblade says, "He's shiny."

Kerrigan says, "Ja :D"

The Ringers = <3

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