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For my darling Helly, love Archy
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Captainhelly sails on the Sage Ocean. She is a senior officer and first mate of the crew Celestial Flame and is a princess of the flag Nemesis.


Captainhelly joined Sage Ocean on September 10th 2006. Not long after joining she found a home with the crew Privateers. She spent many a happy day sailing the ocean with this crew and found many friends there. She was reportedly to be one of the Black Flag girls. As with most things, times change and she moved to a new crew created by Seramana and Zoyn called Buccanneers Knot. Many of her friends from Privateers were also there and she settled in well and became and Officer.

In July 2007 she made the leap from her comfort zone to another new crew created by Archaon - Celestial Flame and hasn't looked back since. She loves being a part of Celestial Flame and feels she has finally found a place she can call home.

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