Browncoat Bandits

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Browncoat Bandits at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Karlinda
Senior Officer(s) Ashika, Baa, Beckalicious, Cutesara, Demondboy, Ghosteey, Iraboy, Princesslara, Pungtoboy, Redmac, Shanep
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Trophy Tarts
Founded 28 January, 2007
Last updated on 2 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Browncoat Bandits is a Small Crew on the Emerald Ocean.


Clever Little Bandits was founded by Karlinda on the 28th January 2007, on theSage Ocean with Blackangus and Pyromainiac joining on that every same day. During the first few weeks Karlinda had to leave to deal with things in the Real World, but with the help of Bentbeard and Blackangus Clever Little Bandits earned enough fame to join the flag Game Over.

The crew then merged with Fallen Bandits. It was a smooth, clean merger that formed a strong crew with some great friendship ties.

After having sailed under the flag of Game Over for so long, the crew said good bye to the old flag and joined up with Dead Man's Legend. They Sailed with Dead Man's Legend for about month before signing up with Sxygrl and her flag The End.

The crew has since been renamed Browncoat Bandits, and moved to the flag Trophy Tarts.

Public Statement

Welcome to the Bandits who are happy little vegemites

Extended Public Statement

Welcome to the Bandits We be a Happy and Friendly crew,

If ye want to have fun sailing around Sage Sign up and have some fun.

We are on a Jobber Delight spilt so if you come jobbing with us we expect the best.

xxxx Promotions xxxx

Pirate -- When you Sign up to be a Bandit.

Officer -- Broad at Carp, Bilge, Rigging or Sails, Guns, And Nav. Officer Training will ran by a Senior Officer when it can be arranged.

Love and Regards

The Bandit Captain