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Blissy is an officer on the Sage Ocean. Blissy began playing 4 years ago, and has met many friends, and many different pirates. She loves Pillaging, and talking to crewmates and friends. She's very generous and nice, and loves to help with people.



Blissy is currently a Fleet Officer in the crew Satisfaction, where she has met many friends and is an active member of the crew helping with pillaging and plans.

She used to belong to the crew Siren's Song, where she was a Pirate for a while but then moved to "Satisfaction", as there was more opportunity to sail the seven seas.

Stalls and Shoppes


On Wensleydale and Descartes Isle, Blissy owns a shack, and Admiral Island she owns a Bungalow.


Blissy doesn't know what will happen, but she will be with friends and crewmates and she will go through her problems with them, and enjoy her good times with them. So look out for Blissy the pirate, sailing on the Sage Ocean!

But we all know that she will rule the seven seas ;)

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