Black Pearl (Cobalt)

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This article is about a former Cobalt Ocean flag. For the defunct Meridian Ocean flag, see Black Pearl (Viridian).
Black Pearl at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Paulypirate (Left w/ Crew, moved to Cerulean's Most Wanted) of Twiggy's Elite
Member crew(s) Boys of the Old Brigade, Freemason, Pavlov's Dog, Pearly Gates, the Robbyn's Revenge, Tangled In The Rigging, Twiggy's Elite, Venus
Organization Royalty is kept small to decide issues swiftly.
Merged w/ Smuggler's Guild to form Smuggler's Pearl as of 11 June, 2007

Black Pearl was a flag on the retired Cobalt Ocean. This flag has been merged with Smuggler's Guild to create Smuggler's Pearl, which subsequently disbanded.

Public statement

. . . . . . And there came a night when the silence was rent by a legion of voices, screaming out in rage For the hoards of hell had broken free. Let the ritious stand safe in their faith, For the Wicked shall know not but dispair . . . . . . . . . . . . The Black Pearl has come.


It was founded December 17, 2005. Its founding crew was Twiggy's Elite. They reached eminent fame in July of 2006. Black Pearl obtained control of Harmattan Island in a transfer from Valor for undisclosed reasons.

Napi II - In a surprise attack on September 23rd, 2006, Black Pearl blockaded Napi Peak on the Cobalt Ocean with mostly in-flag and many first-time blockade battle navigators. A few days prior Hydrophobia had declared war, which was not returned because of secret preparations for the blockade. Hydrophobia withdrew the war declaration the day of the blockade. National Pirate Radio successfully defended in two non-sinking and one sinking round.

The next day Black Pearl declared war against Hydrophobia who promptly returned the declaration. After much forum tarting, Hydrophobia returned a pending declaration of war by Imperial Margarine. Sinking engagements commenced immediately with both National Pirate Radio and Hydrophobia.

The tactics of Black Pearl to maintain sloop pillages led by junior and senior officers with limited PvP experience with six pirates aboard has been criticized by titled members of Hydrophobia. The war was concluded on September 30th, 2006, after Hydrophobia's imperial crew Redemption left to join National Pirate Radio.

After the purchase of Harmattan from Valor in January, 2007, Black Pearl successfully defended the isle against Mountees on Jan-27, 2007.

Black Pearl merged with Smuggler's Guild into Smuggler's Pearl in June 2007.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 23 September 2006 Napi II Attacking Yes National Pirate Radio vs. Black Pearl 3:0 Didn't win island
2 27 January 2007 Harmattan IV Defending Yes Black Pearl vs. Mountees 3:0 Defended island

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