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Bablondie is a pirate on Midnight, Cobalt, Ice, Viridian, and Hunter and she is also known as Babs to her crew and flag mates. Bablondie is most often seen playing on Cobalt completing shoppe duties, but on occasion she may seen fighting skellies.



On Midnight:

Bablondie first landed on the shores of Eta Island, when first trying to figure out the game of Puzzle Pirates. She then found the change ocean button, and found her way to the Cobalt Ocean, where she's never left.

On Cobalt:

Bablondie as been on the shores Dragon's Nest since May, 2005, and hasn't left since. It was jobbing from the notice board there, that she found the Free Companions who helped make her the pirate she is today. After some changes in the crew she did not agree with, she left to become senior officer with Rocking the Boat, under the command of Oopsy, in around August, 2005. Since then she has become a mainstay in the crew. She has been an on again and off again captain, and has helped with many of the key decisions for the crew.

In July 2006, Bablondie opened her first stall on Cobalt; a Ironworking stall on Dragon's Nest. In October 2006, she became manager of Hammered Hulls, her flag's ship stall on Kirin Island.

On Ice:

Bablondie hasn't been playing on the Ice Ocean for very long. However, she joined her Valor flagmates from Cobalt in a new Ice crew, called Iced Valorians, in around September, 2006.

On Viridian:'

Bablondie is only on this ocean very rarely and that's mostly to visit old crew mates from Free Companions who started their own crew over here.

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