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Belligerent Insurgency Terrorizing Elite Megalomaniac Enemies

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This was a pooled attack organization on Cobalt formed in response to the way islands would open up in May 2007. The island openings would be 6 islands, 1 at a time. Once one island was taken the island openings would stop. Defense forces sprung up to protect the first 5 islands so the 6th island (Hadrian) could be opened up. BITEME was a direct response to these defense forces and made sure an island was taken before Hadrian could be opened. It sucessfully took Garden Cradle on June-9, 2007.

This organization was put together by Av, Livngdedgirl, Erin and Rami. (with much prodding from the ocean!) The flag Dark Asylum acted as the primary organizational and dropping flag.

The BiteMe organization mission is now complete. The organization took Garden Cradle and gave it away in the BiteMe Brigand Kings Contest. The Contest was won by Hula with the flag Aloha. Aloha took control of Garden Cradle and all remaining assets of the BiteMe Organization. Aloha also won about 3.5 million worth of PoE from Foilistc who tied his significant prizes to the outcome of the BiteMe contest.

The BiteMe Organziation conducted two feint attacks on Outposts, Yax Mutal and Polaris Point prior to winning Garden Cradle In both these attacks BiteMe won several rounds as the defender than dropped attack chests to force the real defense force to scramble into action. During all BiteMe attacks What The Falchion and Valor were the major opposition/defense force.

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