Avius Anima

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Avius Anima at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Xerozia
Senior Officer(s) Akisame, Barrabrute, Invidia, Snakeace, Parsley, Xanover
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Illusion
Founded 15 June, 2010
Last updated on 25 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

The crew Avius Anima is a 'Round 2' of the first '---Avius Anima---' which was first created by Captain Alvernaz and Xerozia. Avius Anima was recreated again after the first version merged with Trust when both Alvernaz and Xerozia became dormant. The crew was taken over by Graven who eventually merged into the crew 'Trust' run by captain Xanover.

The current AA was then recreated by Xerozia and then backed up by Robinhoodx. Although he had wanted to make a crew eventually, it was a political decision that urged him to make a crew as he offered to make the flag 'Veritas Vincit'. Avius Anima quickly rose to Illustrious fame only a short duration away from creation with the help of all the active officers in it.

Later, Xerozia had to step down due to real life issues and left Robinhoodx in charge of AA. Shortly after, Xerozia left Avius Anima entirely, taking with him most of his senior staff.

When 'Veritas Vincit' became less and less active, Avius Anima left them to join up with Spectrum but after that, AA decided to work with Eternal flames.

Avius Anima is known because of a conflict with Illuminati, and more troubles that happened a long time ago with Xanover.


Not a lot of pirates are active in Avius Anima, and Robinhoodx left AA, so, Casyopeiya decides that she wants to revive AA, and started immedietly to go on voyages all around the map, and to recruit new members.

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