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Avalon (Hunter)

From YPPedia

Avalon at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Morganlefey
Senior Officer(s) Mynci, Vahid
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Sins of the Flesh
Founded 12 December, 2006
Disbanded as of 1 June, 2008
Favicon.png Crew Info
For the Midnight Ocean flag with the same name, see Avalon.

Avalon is a crew on the Hunter Ocean. It is a member of the flag Access Denied.

Public Statement

  • DO NOT SEND RANDOM FLAG INVITES. We are with the flag we chose and are not interested in joining yours. Even if we WERE in the market for a new flag it would NEVER come from unsolicited invitations.
  • This crew is based on high stats and respectful attitudes. If you are not interested in both of these, this is not the crew for you. You do not have to have good stats to join, but the goal is to attain them while you are with us. If we bring you in and train you so that you can run a successful crew, then we have succeeded.
  • Please remember that we use PTB (Permission to Board) on all ships. If you do not ask and hop on a ship, you will be planked. If you ask and receive no answer, the crew on the ship is busy and you are not to board. If you are planked because you did not ask PTB, please do not complain about it.
  • DO NOT come on a ship and immediately ask to gun. No one under GM will gun on Brigs and Frigs. Many of our nav-ers insist on GM or better for sloops as well. If you persist in asking and make a pest of yourself you will be planked.
  • Please do not leave during battle. If you DO leave during battle, you WILL be given a -1 at the booty split. It is not up for discussion.
  • Requests to join the crew as a full member need to be made at the end of a pillage. Our officers work very had and rarely have time for extra discussions during a pillage.
  • With the new booty regulations, you will receive partial division of the booty following each battle. The remainder cannot be divided until the ship is in port. You will be paid regardless of whether you are online or not. This is game controlled and not at the mercy of any of our officers. Please note also that it is up to the officers in charge to decide when he/she wants to port. It is incredibly rude to constantly ask to port. Repeat offenders will be planked.

Promotion procedures:

  • Cabin Person: Work well on the mission and ask at the port. We will be happy to invite you to the crew.
  • CP to Pirate: Please have 3 Broads with Respected rating and Master in Guns. DO NOT GUN on any ships unless you are asked.
  • Pirate to Officer: Must be in the crew at least 2 weeks!!! Must have Solids in Piracy skills with only 1 Able. Your job as an officer is to: learn to run stations on brigs and frigs, advance your Nav, and learn to give respect to fellow jobbers, mates and gain respect of the crew and the ocean while having fun :). Must have Respected in BNav.
  • Officers will be on a probationary period with the following requirements: within 3 weeks, must run 3 successful pillages with a FO, SO or the Captain on board before you are allowed to take ships out unaccompanied. Failure to complete this requirement can result in demotion until you show you are willing/able to work with us.

Above Officer requirements are in private statement.

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