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Familiars Obtained

Aston's Pets

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Aston is captain and Trader of the crew Mysterious. He play since June 7, 2007.


He started out with with a set of green clothes that a friend obtained and gave them him for free. Then he started to pillage with his crew and saved up for a new set of clothes, He was in the inn one day when someone sold him alot of clothes for very cheap and thats where the his trading life began. He's pirate life has been very succesful from the begining when he figured out the best way to earn PoE was to buy items and sell for more. Because Aston is a trader, one can never be sure he still owns the familiars.

Special moments

  • When Aston entered his first blockade, The ship that he was on sunk and he couldn't understand why he had a fish in his booty pannel.
  • After a few months Aston obtained his first parrot that was orange and tan and named Animosity.
  • Aston obtained a pegleg in July 2008.