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I love you with all my heart and soul and never want to lose you! -Muscles
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Asperity is currently independent.

Contributions and Awards / Contributions and Accomplishments


Asperity started her YPP life under a different name on Sage Ocean and then moved to Hunter Ocean in February, 2007. She joined her friend Megami in the crew Pleasureful Sins. Asperity decided, after awhile in PS, it was time to move on. She tried out a crew, that is no longer existing, before making her own crew Yarrmageddon with some old mates. Asperity and Yarrmageddon felt at home in EAC, until recent events. Asperity handed her crew over to Magikheart and has since started the crew Impossible Situations and the flag Impending Danger with Muscles.

Since moving to Hunter, she has made many good friends, and more are to come. She has recently opened a tailoring stall with Lizziesull, someone she has found to be a good friend.

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