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Annacrock is a pirate from the Emerald Ocean, formerly the Sage Ocean. She is an independent pirate. Her name is actually Rachel!

She's been playing since 2007. She worked up to the rank senior officer in the crews The Maelstrom, The Culture Club and Dominators of Sage before moving to White Star Line, White Star Line then merged with their mother crew Dominators of Sage and she became senior officer in Dominators of Sage. She then decided to make her own crew, calling it "The Finishing Touch". She then renamed it to Completely Passed Out. Annacrock got tired of being captain and moved to the crew Rabies. She did not feel right in Rabies, therefore she moved to the crew, Bring Out Yer Dead. The crew started to fall apart so she moved to the crew she is in now, Poseidon's Tricorne.