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"Black Sheep" redirects here. For the flag on the Cobalt Ocean, see The Black Sheep.
For the creatures which may perch on a player's shoulder, see Familiar.
For the animals which pirates may own, see Pet.
A Sheep
A Pig
A Black Sheep

Animals are computer controlled creatures that roam some islands on the oceans. They are unable to enter buildings on their home islands, but are otherwise free to roam the island at will. Animals are sociable creatures, and will often "attach" themselves to a pirate arriving at the dock arrow. They will follow this pirate around until they leave the outdoors scene, at which point the animals will await the arrival of a new pirate at the docks to follow. Animals can be made to join chat circles, and may on occasion talk (sheep say "Bah" and pigs say "Oink"), but their preferred position is slightly to the side and behind the pirate they are following.

Historically animals were purchased from Nemo by island governors. However, with the release of pets, animals are now purchased from the palace shoppe and placed on islands by governors. Despite this, they still behave in much the same fashion, and remain particularly fond of buttocks.


Animals were introduced in October 2003, shortly before the closure of Azure and the opening of Midnight. Animals were sold to island governors for 100,000 PoE each, with the caveat that different types of livestock could not be mixed. Islay of Luthien managed to avoid this restriction. Animals migrated from Azure to Midnight relatively safely. Guava Island's sheep, Sheepish Ryan, was lost in the migration and replaced by Sheepish Rocky.

During the Yuletide season of both 2003 and 2004, sheep were heard to have enriched their vocabulary, gaining the ability to say "Bah humbug" in addition to their regular "Bah." Sheep and pigs also had something different to say during Halloween. The sheep said "Braaaains" and the pigs said "Boo."

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